Big challenges for ShivOmRu in Ishqbaaz


Anika and Shivay reach her house. She reminds him he is a common man here. She comforts him. He feels the place hotter. Anika makes him stand at the window and enjoy the fresh breeze. They have a romantic moment. Anika gets impressed seeing Shivay mending so much for her love. Shivay and Anika’s romance sinks by the leaking roof. Anika gets scared in darkness. Anika gets Shivay’s support. Shivay pacifies her fears. Their day passes well.

Rudra does drama and tells Bhavya that he has seen enough poverty in her life, he got such low pocket money. Bhavya realizes he doesn’t value money. Rudra cries like a baby telling how much he suffered. Bhavya tells him that her salary is very less. She challenges Rudra to earn money and show her. Rudra takes the challenge and is sure to win.

Rudra decides to repair the tap and earn money. Rudra repairs the water tap, much to Bhavya’s surprise. Rudra asks Dadi to pay him much money for repairing tap. Dadi tells him that tap repair won’t charge much. Dadi gives him some money. Bhavya and Rudra have a moment.

Anika shows the stove and asks Shivay to cook on it. Shivay tells her that he didn’t see such antique things before. Rudra starts working on Bhavya’s challenge. Shivay cooks the food for Anika. Anika too cares for him. Shivay and Anika enjoy each other’s company.

Omkara meets the wrestlers’ family to get back the idol. He gets a challenge to win the wrestling match and win the idol. Omkara asks the man to forget old enmity, as his grandpa is no more. The man refuses to give the idol. Omkara faces a tough contender. He decides to prove the competitor wrong. He accepts the challenge. Gauri feels Omkara has done a big mistake. Omkara starts his practice sessions to fight Dangal. Gauri supports Omkara in his new endeavor.


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