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    Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

    Naamkarann: Avni waits for Ali for the Ganpati puja. Avni prays for Neil to come out from all the sorrows and past. DD gets the sketch of Meher, which he got made on Avni’s orders. Avni and Neil do the aarti together. DD gets the sketch burnt by mistake. DD fails to see Juhi. The goon adds the drugs in the sweets, which Ali bought for everyone. Avni confronts Shweta for her fake drama to love her. She asks Shweta why did she plan such thing to hurt Neil. Shweta shows her true colors to Avni. She tells Avni that she knows Neil didn’t forget Juhi till now. Ali hands over the jalebis to Avni. Avni thinks of Neil’s challenge. DD comes to tell Avni about the spoiled sketch. Neil gets upset with Shweta’s doings. He reminds Shweta how she has made Prakash away from Bebe after marriage, but Avni wants a united family. He remarks Shweta still wants to break the family.


    Anika and Shivay reach her house. She reminds him he is a common man here. She comforts him. He feels the place hotter. Anika makes him stand at the window and enjoy the fresh breeze. They have a romantic moment. Anika gets impressed seeing Shivay mending so much for her love. Shivay and Anika’s romance sinks by the leaking roof. Anika gets scared in darkness. Anika gets Shivay’s support. Shivay pacifies her fears. Their day passes well.

    Rudra does drama and tells Bhavya that he has seen enough poverty in her life, he got such low pocket money. Bhavya realizes he doesn’t value money. Rudra cries like a baby telling how much he suffered. Bhavya tells him that her salary is very less. She challenges Rudra to earn money and show her. Rudra takes the challenge and is sure to win.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Pihu adds Pooja’s pictures in the group. Riya tells Mihika about Nikhil and his wife. Mihika shares about Pooja and her husband. Ruhi gets to know Pooja is very busy in business and is avoiding Riya. She tells what happened in her absence. Pooja’s dad decides to buy the Ganpati idol along with Raman. Raman sympathizes with Pooja and Riya. He doesn’t want to forget what Pooja’s husband did. Pihu tells Riya that very soon she will be meeting her dad. Ruhi gets a huge shock seeing the pictures, and realizes Riya is Nikhil’s daughter. She meets Nikhil and informs him about Pooja and Riya. She shows the pictures to him.


    Kartik gets surprised on seeing Naira getting dressed well with his gifted jewelry. Everyone praises Naira. Naksh asks Naira the reason for changing her dress. Kartik covers up the matter and tells them that he insisted Naira to change. Kartik and Naira want the surprise to reach on time. Naira tells Naitik that she planned all this for Naksh. They start the function. Naksh gets his surprise, Baisa. Naksh forgets Baisa’s mistakes. He tells everyone that Baisa has forgiven him for all his mistakes till now, so he has forgotten Baisa’s one mistake, knowing his happiness means a lot to her.

    IPKKND 3:

    Chandni apologizes to Indrani and weeps on phone. Murli informs Advay and his family that Chandni didn’t eat anything since she came here. Advay gets concerned for Chandni. Chandni wants love from Indrani. Mama tells her that Indrani will never love her. Chandni’s stay in inlaws is getting worse. Advay is creating troubles for her. Advay turns caring towards her some time. Advay takes the food for Chandni. Pooja stops him and teases him. Advay asks her to take food for Chandni. She says you had put many efforts in making halwa for her, you go to her. Advay insists Pooja and sends her. Chandni likes the food. Pooja understands Chandni. He has a soft corner for Chandni. Advay meets Chandni and asks her if she has taken food. Chandni and Advay share a moment.


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