Piyush takes a stand for Dipika in Dhhai Kilo Prem


Dipika beats up Piyush with a broom. Piyush asks her why is she beating him, what did he do. She asks him does he not know what he did. She tells him that she will teach a lesson to him. He says stop it, I m heart patient, I will die of heart attack. Dipika gets a proof and knows Piyush didn’t get any heart attack, he was just joking. She shows the pills he is hiding under the mattress. He asks her not to hide. She says everyone should know what great thing you did. Piyush surrenders and asks her to beat him if she wants. She didn’t like that he lied to family. She asks him why did he do this.

Piyush says I did this for you, I wanted you to come back here so I have done this drama. Dipika melts hearing him and sheds tears. Piyush asks her not to cry and beat him more. Dipika hugs him. They have a moment. Piyush’s dad learns about Piyush’s lie. He asks Piyush did he get a heart attack or not, did he fake the illness. He angrily slaps Piyush. Dipika comes in between and tells Piyush’s dad that Piyush didn’t get any attack. She takes the blame on herself. Piyush stops Dipika.

He asks his dad not to shout on Dipika. He asks his dad to stop it now, he will not hear anything against Dipika, its not Dipika’s mistake. He tells his parents why he did drama of fake heart attack, it was just to get Dipika back, it was not her mistake even before, it was Meghna’s mistake, Meghna threatened to cut her wrist and forced Dipika to help her, Dipika stopped Meghna and got her home, but what did we do, we have sent both Meghna and Dipika. Bua insults Dipika and scolds Piyush. Piyush tells everyone that Dipika is his wife, she is not bad. He defends Dipika and takes her with him. Piyush’s dad learns entire truth.



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