Sharda to reform Saavri in Swabhimaan

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Meghna and Naina get gifts for Sharda. The birthday celebrations get a twist. Everything gets spoiled because of Mami’s taunts. Meghna gifts Sharda. Sharda likes the gift and thanks her. Mami asks Naina what did she get for Sharda. Naina gifts Sharda. Mami compares Meghna and Naina’s gifts and insults Meghna and Kunal. Meghna and Kunal have got homeless. Kunal gets angry. Karan tells everyone that love can’t be judged by money, can Mami tell them which saree will have more love, which will suit Sharda more, everything can’t be evaluated. Karan answers Mami and saves Kunal’s respect. Meghna feels bad that Kunal is treated badly by her family.

Saavri comes with a birthday cake, and shocks Meghna and Naina. She greets Sharda as her new mummy and gifts a cake to Sharda. She tells Sharda that this big beautiful cake is from Naina’s side, which she left in the car, so that Meghna’s small cake doesn’t look small. Sharda warns Saavri against doing this. She asks Saavri to change, she can’t celebrate with them. She is changing Saavri into a better person. She punishes Saavri by keeping her away. Sharda gets upset on her birthday. Sharda wants her daughters to be united.






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