Aaliya plans revenge on Disha in Kumkum Bhagya

Aaliya wants to kill Pragya

Munni and Abhi have got married. Munni couldn’t tell Abhi that she is Munni, not Pragya. She gets stunned when Abhi confesses love to her. Abhi’s sweet confession makes Munni forget who she is in reality. She doesn’t know how to fool Abhi and make him sign the papers. She doesn’t wish to cheat Abhi. She worries for her family. She wishes to cheat Tanu and Aaliya and run away from the house. Munni gets into an argument with Aaliya and Tanu. Aaliya reminds Munni the work for which they got her home. She asks Munni not to forget her reality and stop feeling for Abhi. She asks Munni not to trap Abhi in love. She threatens Munni.

Munni agrees to Aaliya. She assures Aaliya that she will not go against her. She asks Aaliya not to come in her way. Munni has a moment with Abhi. Abhi is mad for Pragya, and romances with Munni. Munni asks him to take some rest as he has fallen down. Munni makes excuses to get away from him. Purab and Disha are happy seeing Abhi and Munni. Purab wants to learn love lessons from Abhi. Disha is happy with Purab. Their marriage brings happiness in their lives. Disha seeks help from Aaliya. Aaliya acts rude to her in anger. Aaliya is jealous of Disha, as she still loves Purab. Aaliya thinks of trapping Disha and taking revenge from her. What will Aaliya do? Keep reading.


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