Aditya decides to answer Samar in Woh Apna Sa


Samar misbehaves with Jhanvi. He asks her what is she doing, why is she crossing her limits. He questions Jhanvi for the thing she didn’t do. He asks her why did she come to his room and decorated the place. Jhanvi denies everything, as she didn’t do anything. He shows her the evidence. He tells her that he knows very well that she is after him to secure her future. Samar insults Jhanvi for falling so low and trying to impress him to include him in his life. He says I respected you a lot for your good values, but you have a modern thinking. He misunderstands Jhanvi. He asks her why did she fall in his eyes. He tells Jhanvi that he is related to Aditya’s family. He asks Jhanvi to maintain distance from him. He points a finger at her character.

Jhanvi slaps him and limits his thinking. She asks him not to judge her without knowing the things right. Nisha enjoys the drama. Jhanvi scolds Samar for thinking for his image and not realizing his cheap thinking. She asks him to get out all the filth from his mind. She clarifies the matter. She tells Samar that she is not a weak person to accept any blames on her. Jhanvi takes a stand for her self respect. Jhanvi asks Samar to change his mentality. She tells him that her husband is not with her, but she has her self respect. Nisha planned to misuse the situation that Jhanvi and Aditya were drunk. Nisha had spiked their drinks. She wanted to put them in Samar’s room and present them in bad light. Samar was fooled by Nisha’s setup. Jhanvi cries out her pain. Aditya consoles her. Aditya gets upset with Jhanvi for hiding the matter from him. He asks if their love and relation is so weak. He tells Jhanvi that he can’t tolerate anyone pointing at her character, so he had to answer Samar.


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