Chandni and Advay learn surprising things in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Chandni cares for generous Advay. He gets stubborn to go home. She asks him to rest till doctor asks him. Advay doesn’t listen to her and goes home. Advay doesn’t want his family to know about his state. He enters the house secretly. He meets Adi. He lifts Adi and hides his pain. Chandni observes Advay hiding his pain. Advay quickly gets normal in front of the family. He doesn’t know that Chandni knows the kidney donation truth.

Chandni learns about Adi’s kidney transplant operation. Pooja tells her that a humble man has donated his kidney to Adi. Chandni realizes Advay has secretly donated his kidney to Adi and saved his life. Advay is the angel for Pooja. Chandni sees Advay’s new side. Advay sees his car states and learns about Chandni taking him to hospital, even when she doesn’t know car driving. Constable calls him lucky to get such a loving wife. Chandni feels Advay is bad and good as well. He remains a puzzle for her. Advay and Chandni get surprised seeing about each other.

Nani tells Chandni that its a big festival for her, as its her first rasoi. Nani and everyone dance. Advay and Chandni are brought together by Adi. Advay asks Chandni not to get excited about her first rasoi rasam. Advay tells Maasi that Chandni will leave from thee house soon. Chandni asks Advay what would he like to have. Advay calls her much desperate to become his wife. She clears that she is doing all rasams for Nani’s happiness. Advay misguides her.


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