Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Devanshi:Maya’s evil gets increasing. Devanshi and Bhupi decode Ishwar’s book and learn about the first evil-anger and the solution to cut down its effect. Devanshi realizes Maya has made Kalki the target of her evil. She is sure to beat all the six evil sins by following Ishwar’s book, that is guiding her. Kusum Sundari declares that Kalki is her daughter. She claims that she is Kalki’s biological mother, which shocks Devanshi. She misses Pavan in tough time, when someone steals Ishwar’s book from her.



Pandit Radheshyam and his wife pray at the temple. They wish Chakor gains consciousness and tells them about her family, so that they can inform her family about her welfare. They want Chakor to return to her family soon. Chakor is looked after well by them. Chakor is fed the prasad, which makes her regain her consciousness. Chakor just thinks of Suraj. She tells she will be meeting Suraj very soon. She then recalls what happened with her, how she has stabbed by some masked people.

She wants to inform Suraj that she is alive. She thinks Suraj and her family would be assuming her dead. Chakor knows Suraj will be waiting for her. Chakor realizes a month has already passed. She decides to meet Suraj.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Sameer learns Bharadwaj family was never wrong. He confronts Bhairavi for using him for her revenge motives. Bhairavi feels she will lose if Sameer doesn’t support her. Simar slaps Bhairavi in anger. Bhairavi catches Mata ji at the point of a knife. She asks everyone not to come close, else she will kill Mata ji. Simar calls police to arrest Bhairavi. Bhairavi takes Mata ji and leaves from there.


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