Devanshi loses Ishwar’s key to defeat evil

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Devanshi gets a book written by Ishwar, which has solutions to end the effect of evil and black magic. Maya also has a book which will make her establish evil in Jwalapuri. Devanshi and Bhupi decode Ishwar’s book and learn about the first evil-anger and the solution to cut down its effect. Devanshi realizes Maya has made Kalki the target of her evil. She is sure to beat all the six evil sins by following Ishwar’s book, that is guiding her. Kusum Sundari declares that Kalki is her daughter. She claims that she is Kalki’s biological mother, which shocks Devanshi. She misses Pavan in tough time, when someone steals Ishwar’s book from her.

Devanshi loses all the solutions key and worries for protecting the villagers from Maya. Kusum Sundari bribes a doctor and proves Kalki is her real daughter. Devanshi gains strength to cross all hurdles and also save Kalki from falling in evil pit dug by Maya and Kusum Sundari. Kalki gets drawn towards Kusum Sundari, who uses her relationship only for her benefits. Kusum Sundari repeats her old tricks to present as miracles, which will help her become Mata of Jwalapuri again. Devanshi gets set to defeat Maya’s evil intentions.






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