Surbhi plays her game safe in Piyaa Albela


Supriya gets critical. She knows why Pooja has left Naren. She doesn’t recognize anyone. She asks everyone who is Pooja. Supriya loses her memory. Everyone worries for her. Doctor tells the family that Supriya can lose her memory. Surbhi turns happy to know this. Harish gets much tension seeing all the bad happenings around.

Surbhi knows Supriya will not call Pooja back now, and Pooja will be just waiting. Surbhi decides to control Supriya. She doesn’t want Pooja’s uncle to know about the danger on Pooja. She wants to create hurdles for Pooja, if she returns back home. She doesn’t want Pooja to enter Vyas family again. Surbhi plans to get Naren in her life. Neelima acts good to Naren. Naren asks Neelima to stop her drama. He hates her dual character. He asks her to get out of his life if she wants to fool him by her love. He makes it clear that he will not tolerate any nonsense now. He upsets Harish by asking him to pack his bags as well. Naren has turned much practical, as Pooja wanted him to become. Naren is facing the world, but has lost his inner goodness, after suffering the painful heartbreak. Naren is not able to deal with Pooja’s cheat.


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