Arjun promises peaceful life to Saanjh in Beyhadh

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Saanjh is afraid that Arjun’s life can fall in danger if she marries him. Arjun tells Saanjh that any step by Mata will first face him before reaching her. Arjun and Saanjh need each other and confess their marriage. They share their sorrows. Arjun is upset thinking of how Saanjh got injured in mehendi function. Arjun sees Saanjh in pain and promises Saanjh that he will always protect her. He tells her how guilty he is feeling to see her hurt, as she deserves better than this. He cares for Saanjh. Saanjh is afraid that Maya can kill Arjun. She knows Arjun will always save her always.

Arjun asks Saanjh not to think he is weak, nothing will happen to them. He hugs Saanjh. Suman is also scared of Maya. She suggests to Arjun that they will get away from here, from this country. Arjun tells Suman and Vandana that he is in love with Saanjh, he didn’t do any crime to run away, the marriage will happen in grand style. He asks Ayaan to hide best security, not even a bee should come close to Saanjh. He asks them to forget Maya and not have any fears in mind. Maya is troubled by jailer. She protests in jail. The prisoners support Maya. Jailer tells Maya that she has to pay a price for this, everyone will not be given food for a day.

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