Huge drama affects Meghna and Naina’s bond in Swabhimaan

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There is much drama happening in Sharda’s house. Saavri is getting teachings from Sharda. Sharda corrects her on her every mistake. Saavri and Mami spoil everything. Mami asks Naina what happened to her, when she was walking fine till now, did she spoil Meghna’s cake intentionally. She tries to fuel the fire and make Meghna and Naina’s relation worse. Kaki says its not Naina’s mistake if she can get better gifts and cake than Meghna, what’s bad if Naina can afford better things. She asks Naina not to feel guilty.

Kunal and Meghna get many taunts, since they came to celebrate Sharda’s birthday. There is much comparison happening between Meghna and Naina, based on their financial status. Sharda tells Saavri that its a sin to break relations, Saavri should change. She asks Saavri to go to her room and sit alone, this is her punishment, she will not be part of their celebrations. She stays strict towards Saavri. Naina tries mending relation with Meghna.






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