Pragya to get far from Abhi in Kumkum Bhagya


Aaliya and Tanu doubt on Munni, that she is in love with Abhi. Pragya succeeds to come home and sees Abhi with his wife, unknown of her lookalike planted by Aaliya. She thinks Abhi cheated her. Munni feels its tough to make Abhi sign papers. Aaliya misguides Disha to take revenge. Purab looks for Disha. He asks Tanu about her. Tanu argues with him. Tanu understands Aaliya has done something wrong with Disha. She worries and goes to alert Aaliya. Pragya was geared up to meet Abhi, but is broken down seeing his deceive. She completely recovers. She wants to get away from the city. She thinks of starting a new life.

Aaliya tries to burn Disha alive. Tanu stops her madness. She asks her to think of the risk of getting caught. Aaliya doesn’t want to change her plan. Tanu tells her that Abhi will catch her if she does anything to Disha. Aaliya doesn’t get scared, as she is jealous with Disha. She is angry on Disha for marrying Purab. Pragya sees Abhi’s wife, but fails to see his face. Tanu fears Munni can stay in Abhi’s life forever. Will Pragya leave from Abhi’s life? Keep reading.


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