Preeta learns Deepak’s truth in Kundali Bhagya


Shrishti stops Sarla from meeting Deepak. Sarla wants to talk to him. Shrishti asks her to understand different types of people, not all can be trusted. Shrishti worries that Deepak maybe troubling Preeta. Deepak argues with Preeta about Shrishti. Preeta doesn’t want to have any relation with Deepak, seeing his bad behavior. Deepak asks her not to be mistaken about him. He starts insulting her like before. He just values materialistic things. He tells Preeta that he is doing a big favor on her by marrying her, that’s just for her beauty. Preeta dislikes him. Shrishti scolds him for hurting Preeta on the name of love. She threatens him to leave.

Deepak asks them to respect him. Shrishti kicks his male ego. Shrishti counts his lies. She exposes his true face. She asks him to get lost. Preeta confronts Deepak for his big lies. Rishabh gets annoyed with Preeta. Karan suggests him to vent out anger on Preeta than sitting upset. Rishabh asks why is he angry on her. Karan tells him that Preeta has talent to anger him without any reason. He tries knowing what made Rishabh so upset. Will Rishabh share his feelings with Karan? Keep reading.


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