Avni sticks to her strong belief in Ali in Naamkarann


Avni gets disheartened when Neil doesn’t believe her. She tells him that he is just pitying her. They have an argument. Neil gets hurt when she doesn’t understand him. Avni tells him that she also gets hurt. Neil asks her not to get involved in Ali’s case. Shweta blames Ali is after Neil’s life. Avni keeps on defending Ali, till a shocking video from Ali comes. Avni sees the video, along with family. Ali confesses that he has attempted to kill Neil and kidnap Avni, as he is mad about Avni, he wants Avni at any cost. The family believes the video. Avni tells Neil that Ali can’t do this. She still believes Ali. Ali tries to make a call to Avni. Shweta asks everyone to see Ali’s true face.

She asks Neil to arrest Ali as soon as possible. Ali gets caught by the goons. Avni leaves from home to find Ali. Neil tries to contact her. Avni doesn’t listen to him. Neil tells Shweta that he believes Ali. Neil feels someone is forcing Ali to make this confession. Avni swears to get Ali any way. She can’t afford to lose Ali. She calls up Neil to take his help. Aman gets Neil and Avni’s divorce papers and informs Dayavanti. She plans to use it on right time. Avni tries to explain Neil that someone else is behind the incidents. Neil asks her to stay here, and he will get Ali back. He feels Ali is kidnapped and he has to free him. He doesn’t want to take Avni along. Avni doesn’t want to trust him in Ali’s matter. Neil just his duty, and safeguards her. Avni gets annoyed with him for locking her up.


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