Saavri fails to break the peace in Swabhimaan


Sharda cuts the cake got by Naina. She feeds the cake to everyone. Meghna and Naina didn’t let anyone become a wall between them. They stay happy for Sharda. Saavri does mistake, and Mami gets scolded by Sharda. She says Mami is looking very beautiful and acts sweet. Mami gets happy getting makeup done and comes in the party. She screams seeing herself. Saavri does the makeup to Mami, and makes her look horrible. Mami says Sharda got her home, see what she did, Sharda should scold her now.

Saavri and Mami think Sharda will scold Saavri again. Sharda praises Saavri for her talent. She answers Saavri by her goodness. Saavri’s plan fails. Saavri wanted to break Meghna and Naina, but they get together. Saavri asks will you scold me or shall I go, I will clean makeup if Mami doesn’t like. She asks Mami to take a picture to remember. Sharda doesn’t scold her, which surprises Saavri. Sharda is trying to reform Saavri. Saavri fails to break the peace. Sharda’s goodness will make Saavri a good person soon.



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