TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Meghna’s death news reaches the family. Everyone cries for her. Rahul doesn’t believe this. He says this can’t happen, as Meghna got saved by the bullet. Bua ji makes fun of Meghna’s death. She does her drama and sheds fake tears. Rahul doesn’t understand anything. She acts that she is seeing Meghna’s ghost around.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Sameer’s heart is broken. He learnt that Prem didn’t kill his dad, Bhairavi has done the crime. Sameer is shattered by the truth. He feels guilty to do bad with Bharadwaj family. He is very angry on Bhairavi for breaking his trust. He angrily burns Bhairavi’s clothes and gifts, which he gifted her assuming she is a Devi. Sameer has worshipped Bhairavi always. He repents a lot and hits his head on the wall.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Suwarna is ready to bear Kartik’s hatred. Suwarna is doing a mum’s duty. She doesn’t want problems between them. Kartik says Suwarna has made Naira hide the matter, she is provoking Naira. Naira was bringing Soumya’s truth out as Kartik should know it. Kartik gets angry seeing Manish with Suwarna. He feels Suwarna has ruined his family. He holds her responsible for everything. Suwarna hopes Kartik will understand everything soon and his anger will get down.

Love Ka Hai Intezaar:

Ayaan gets into a fight with a thief. Mohini helps him, by going against Kamini. Kamini asks Ayaan to go home, else police will see him. Ayaan swears that he just loves Mohini, and no one else. He tries hard to explain Kamini that he is not a fraud. Ayaan fails to prove his truth. Kamini strictly warns him to leave, else she will call the cops. Ayaan doesn’t leave and faces the police to prove he is not a fraud and coward to run away. Inder gets worried when CBI raids his office. Inder gets interrogated by CBI for an old scam, in which he was declared innocent by the court. Vijaylaxmi manipulates and traps Inder in the fake case.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Adhiraj has married Devi and left her in temple. Devi decides to take her own doli and reach her Sasural. She tells Kakusa that nothing will happen if she runs away, Adhiraj will kidnap someone else and get her back, this time she will stay back and teach a lesson to Adhiraj, she will change her fate, she will not let fate ruin her life. She sees the doli and swears she will Adhiraj accept her as wife. She tells Adhiraj can’t deny the truth that she is his wife. Devi will not leave her journey midway. She will reach Adhiraj’s house and challenge him to accept her if he has courage to make her lose.

Saavri and Mami think Sharda will scold Saavri again for her mistake. Sharda praises Saavri for her talent. She answers Saavri by her goodness. Saavri’s plan fails. Saavri wanted to break Meghna and Naina, but they get together. Saavri asks will you scold me or shall I go, I will clean makeup if Mami doesn’t like. She asks Mami to take a picture to remember. Sharda doesn’t scold her, which surprises Saavri. Sharda is trying to reform Saavri. Saavri fails to break the peace. Sharda’s goodness will make Saavri a good person soon.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Shorvori loves Parth a lot. She behaves badly with Teni. Teni tries to blow the fire lit inside her room. She puts water, but fire spreads more. Teni fails to control the fire. She shouts for help. Parth hears Teni and runs to her. He finds Teni caught in the fire and saves her. Teni hugs Parth. Shorvori sees them and claps to taunt them about their cheap affair. She says Parth has proved that my trust was broken, Parth and Teni have an affair. Teni tells Shorvori that she was caught up in fire, she was locked in the room and couldn’t come out. She asks Shorvori to come to her room and see. Shorvori insults Teni. Parth is Shorvori’s world. She can’t imagine her life without Parth. She can’t bear to lose Parth at any cost.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

Chandni returns to Advay, knowing he is her Dev. She surprises Advay and hugs him. She tells him that she got to know he is her Dev. She asks him the reason for his bitterness and hatred. She asks Advay why did he not tell her that he is Dev. Advay behaves rude to her and doesn’t answer her why he hates her. Chandni cries seeing his bitterness and thinks what made her Dev turn so stone hearted.


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