Vijaylaxmi to ruin Mohini’s happiness in Love Ka Hai Intezaar

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Ayaan gets into a fight with a thief. Mohini helps him, by going against Kamini. Kamini asks Ayaan to go home, else police will see him. Ayaan swears that he just loves Mohini, and no one else. He tries hard to explain Kamini that he is not a fraud. Ayaan fails to prove his truth. Kamini strictly warns him to leave, else she will call the cops. Ayaan doesn’t leave and faces the police to prove he is not a fraud and coward to run away. Inder gets worried when CBI raids his office. Inder gets interrogated by CBI for an old scam, in which he was declared innocent by the court. Vijaylaxmi manipulates and traps Inder in the fake case. Inder realizes Vijaylaxmi is punishing them for refusing to Madhavi’s alliance. He meets Vijaylaxmi, who asks him to accept Madhavi’s alliance for Ayaan to get free from the CBI. Inder doesn’t want to sacrifice Ayaan’s happiness.

Later, when Kamini accepts Ayaan and Mohini’s relation, she happily sets their marriage date. Kamini keeps Mohini and Ayaan’s haldi function. The pre marriage functions start. Mohini is very happy. She gets tensed when she calls Ayaan and he doesn’t answer. Kamini and Ragini get afraid that history can repeat itself. Ayaan answers the call, and they get relieved. Mohini asks him why was he not answering, she was getting bad vibes. Ayaan tells her everything is fine. This relieves Kamini’s fears. What will be Inder’s decision, will history repeat with Mohini and Ayaan’s love story? Keep reading.


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