Arjun-Saanjh to turn Maya jealous in Beyhadh

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Arjun and Saanjh meet Maya in the jail. Arjun warns Maya not to do anything against Saanjh, as she has injured Saanjh in her mehendi rasam. Arjun hugs Saanjh and angers Maya. He asks Maya to look at them and accept the truth. Their romance makes Maya go mad. Maya attacks on Saanjh in front of him. Arjun stops Maya and keeps her away. Arjun tells Maya that he will marry Saanjh at any cost and she can never stop them. Suman manages the security and talks to Ayaan. She asks Ayaan to make sure no outsider enters the house.

Arjun and Saanjh enjoy their Sangeet function. Arjun compliments Saanjh. They all dance and celebrate. Arjun and Saanjh show their romantic side in their sangeet. The couple forget all tensions and dance in full swing. Ayaan and Shubh get Arjun and Saanjh on the stage for couple dance. Suman is happy seeing them happy. A kinner enters the function and will be bringing big twists. The kinner is sent by Maya. He adds the poison in Saanjh’s drink. Before Saanjh could drink the poison, Ayaan takes her for dance and drops the glass by mistake.
Saanjh gets saved. Kinner tries to harm Saanjh again.






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