High Five Spoilers

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Arjun and Saanjh meet Maya in the jail. Arjun warns Maya not to do anything against Saanjh, as she has injured Saanjh in her mehendi rasam. Arjun hugs Saanjh and angers Maya. He asks Maya to look at them and accept the truth. Their romance makes Maya go mad. Maya attacks on Saanjh in front of him. Arjun stops Maya and keeps her away. Arjun tells Maya that he will marry Saanjh at any cost and she can never stop them. Suman manages the security and talks to Ayaan. She asks Ayaan to make sure no outsider enters the house.

Avni finds it hard to celebrate Ganesh festival in Ali’s absence. She tells Neela about Ali and her childhood moment. Ali is her best friend, who always supported her. Avni tells Neela that she has broken her promise to Ali. Avni has her memories. Neil swears to get justice for Ali. He will solve the matter, along with Avni’s help. They will be catching the culprit.

Soumya asks Harak, Preeto and Harman to tell him how can she stay here, when people taunt them that Harman is mad about a kinner. She doesn’t want Harman to be blamed. She says Preeto’s upbringing will be questioned. Harman tells Soumya that he loves his parents a lot. He says you can create hatred for you in my heart, but don’t use my parents in your attempts. He allows Soumya to leave from his house.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:
Chandni gets ready with Solah Shringhaar. She loves her Dev and wants to end his bitter hatred by her love. She will win his trust and love. She wars her mangalsutra and gets determined. The family is happy that Chandni has come back and will change Advay into Dev again. He doesn’t accept her at all.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Dipika is very upset knowing Piyush loves Sarika. She gets a parcel which Piyush got for her. She sees the gift with Sarika and cries. She leaves from home and walks on the road crying. She doubts on Piyush.


Bhaiya ji had tried to kill Chakor, but she has got saved. She tries reaching Suraj, but Imli is stopping her always. Imli has become a barrier for her. Chakor thanks the family who took care of her and tries leaving for Aazaadgunj. She gets hurt and falls weak. Radheshyam helps her again. He asks her not to hurry in going to family, he will take her to Aazaadgunj when she recovers completely. Chakor feels helpless and cries when she fails to reach her family. She gets support by Radheshyam. He will make her capable to return to Aazaadgunj and fight for justice. Chakor gains strength to fight.

Meghna and Naina hug Sharda, and wish her birthday. Meghna tells Sharda that Mami has a problem to give proper food to Kunal. She asks Sharda how much will she bear insult, why everyone is valuing Kunal as per his financial status, its all little things that is humiliating Kunal. She asks will thy serve food to Kunal by seeing his status. She fights for Kunal’s self esteem. She tells Sharda that she has come with Kunal to celebrate Sharda’s birthday, but she will not bear the taunts. She says I can’t tolerate more, I m not blind, I m seeing everything how badly they are treating Kunal as junk, much comparisons are happening between Kunal and Karan.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahin:
Tejaswini’s grah pravesh happens. She takes Dharam Singh’s blessings. Everyone clicks pictures. They take Tejaswini for rituals. Tejaswini faints by her plan. Prem take care of her. Tejaswini is in dilemma. She sees Prem’s genuine love and doesn’t know what to do, as she wants to take revenge from Prem and his family. She feels guilty to use Prem’s love.


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