Chakor gets an ugly warning from Imli in Udaan


Chakor calls Divya and her lover Sanjay at the temple. Sanjay’s dad sends the goons to stop Divya and Sanjay’s marriage. Chakor asks Sanjay to run away and hide somewhere. The goons get after Chakor. Chakor and Sanjay try to get saved. She runs inside the temple. A new entry of an inspector will be seen. The inspector saves Chakor from the goons, and also supports her in getting justice. Chakor manages to get Divya and Sanjay marry.

Chakor has united Divya and Sanjay. She thanks Radheshyam for saving her life. Divya thanks Chakor for doing a lot for them. Chakor gets ready to go Aazaadgunj now. She contacts Imli on phone and tells her that she is coming back home, she is alive. Imli gets worried to hear Chakor and asks her not to come back. Imli strictly asks her Chakor to stay where she is, and don’t think of returning in their lives. Chakor feels Imli’s annoyance. She doesn’t understand why Imli is stopping her, and gets upset. Chakor cries thinking what’s happening in Aazaadgunj. She doesn’t doubt on Imli, and feels Bhaiya ji is troubling her family there. Imli doesn’t want Chakor to come back in their lives.


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