Chandni pledges to awaken Dev in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Adi gets stubborn and wants Chandni back in the house. He refuses to have food. He asks Advay to get Chandni if he wants to see him fine. Chandni makes love vows to Dev by filling sindoor in her hairline. She swears to make him realize her truth. She pledges to make Advay her Dev again. She determines to win Advay’s heart. Chandni makes a stunning entry. Adi gets happy seeing her. Chandni challenges Advay that she will make him accept her. She tells Advay that she has right on the house, as she is his wife. Nani supports Advay.

Maasi is angry on Chandni. She asks Pooja not to support Chandni. Chandni tells Advay that their friendship is much stronger than his enmity and hatred, she will prove that he still cares for his childhood friend. She wants to prove Dev is alive in Advay. Advay doesn’t care for her. She challenges that he will accept in front of everyone that he worries for her. Chandni gets into dramatic mode. She comes up with an idea to remind an old moment to Advay. She reminds Advay his words, which always encouraged her. Advay gets emotional. He starts melting towards Chandni. She risks her life to make Advay accept that he cares for her.


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