Maya’s life gets a threat in Beyhadh

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Arjun and Saanjh’s celebrations are happening. Suman tells Arjun that she will do rituals with her son in law. Arjun enjoys the rasams. Maya says I don’t want to see tears in anyone’s eyes, as I m very happy, someone is going to die today. The kinner keep a diya close to Saanjh’s dress so that she gets burnt alive. Saanjh gets up and goes to dance with Arjun. She gets saved. The kinner attacks Saanjh by stabbing her. Saanjh gets saved.

Arjun sees Saanjh injured. Arjun looks for the attacker. The kinner runs away. Saanjh is determined to marry Arjun. Saanjh is afraid that Maya will create a new problem for Arjun and her. She locks herself in a room and cries. On the other hand, Maya gets a life threat. Maya was trying to kill Saanjh. Jailer is fed up of her evil. Jailer is angry when Maya makes the other prisoners protest. Jailer gives money to constable and asks her to kill Maya. She asks constable to tell Maya that she is behind this plan.

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