New confusion between Kanak-Uma in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Maasi takes care of Uma and does oil massage to his head to relieve his tension. Kanak comes to them. Maasi says since Uma couldn’t say his pain, I m understanding his pain, Kanak shouldn’t worry for him, I m here to take care of him. Kanak knew Uma’s day was stressful and wanted to take care of Uma. Shiv turns to Bajrangi Hanuman and comes home. Maasi and everyone greet Shiv. Shiv blesses them. Payal feeds him. Kanak doesn’t dine with anyone.

Maasi wants to know why is Kanak upset and not eating food. Kanak says I won’t have food without having Bajrangi. She requests Uma to show her Bajrangi. Uma says its wrong thing. She asks what wrong did I say now. He says you should say you want to visit Bajrang Bali. She asks can we go then, promise. Uma promises her. There is a confusion. Uma thinks Kanak wants to go to temple and pray to Hanuman, but Kanak wants to see Salman’s film Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Will Uma fulfill his promise and take Kanak out for a movie? Keep reading.


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