Sanjay to support Durga’s race in Meri Durga


Shilpa provokes Dadi and Sarpanch to oppose Durga from participating in the race with Stella. They all come to meet Gayatri and make a request for stopping Durga. Gayatri’s guards don’t allow them and insult them. Gayatri lets them inside. Dadi tells Gayatri about Durga’s mistake to accept Stella’s challenge. Dadi apologizes to her and asks her to cancel the race. Shilpa asks Gayatri not to allow the race to happen. Brij informs Durga and Yashpal about Dadi going to meet Sarpanch and cancel the race. They get a shock knowing this. Gayatri tells Dadi that Durga has challenged her and raised a question on her prestige, Stella and Durga will race, and then Durga will lose. Dadi regrets to meet Gayatri and taunts her.

Gayatri insults Dadi and entire villagers. Gayatri says Durga has much pride and she did think of anyone’s respect while challenging. Dadi tells Gayatri that Durga will make them remember the day by winning the race. Dadi decides to support Durga. Dadi and Sarpanch come back home, and thinking of the insult at Gayatri’s house, they stand by Durga. Sarpanch tells Durga that she has to win this time any way. Gayatri plans to get rid of Durga. Sanjay assures Gayatri that Durga will win the race.


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