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    Meri Durga: Everyone gives their best wishes to Durga. Dadi makes a plan to stop Stella from participating in the race, but her plan fails. Gayatri comes to witness the race. Sanjay wants Durga to win the race. He is sure Durga will win. He plans to make Durga meet his mum. Rajveer cheers for Durga. He ends his annoyance and blesses her for victory. He asks her just to get victorious. Durga tells Sanjay that she wants to meet his mum. Sanjay asks her to forget everything and have focus on the race.


    Naira finds Kartik in the car trunk. She asks him to get conscious. The family reaches there and find Kartik safe. Naira asks them to check Kartik. Naira gets Kartik home safely. Everyone knew Naira won’t let anything happen to Kartik. Suwarna says I was sure Naira won’t lose her husband on Teej. Naksh tells everyone that Kartik is bit hurt, but he will be fine. Manish tells everyone that they didn’t see Kartik at the spot, even police didn’t find Kartik, but Naira has found him in some time. They all say Naira’s love for Kartik is true. Kartik gets conscious. He keeps the Teej fast for Naira.

    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

    Chandni tries to remind Advay their childhood moments. Advay gets fed up of her drama. He shows he is not affected by anything. Nani is happy that Chandni is winning Advay’s heart. Adi learns Chandni and Advay are childhood friends. Chandni flirts with Advay. She plays a game with Advay to remind him their past. Chandni and Advay get closer. Chandni falls down, and gets saved by Advay. Chandni asks Advay to accept that he cares for her. Advay drops her down and goes.


    Neil and Avni get a huge shock knowing about the brutal attack on Ali. Neil sends Avni to the hospital. Avni doesn’t go and cries for Ali. Juhi gets scared after witnessing Dayavanti injuring Ali. Dayavanti asks Juhi to get Avni in her place. Neil and Avni deal with the shock that they have lost Ali forever. Avni tells Neil that she has going to find Ali, and he suddenly came in front of her car. Neil pacifies Avni. Neil gets Ali’s post mortem done. Neil checks Ali’s belongings. Doctor tells Neil that Ali’s body can’t be identified, so they want a DNA sample to confirm its Ali. Neil doesn’t want to spare Ali’s murderers.


    Bhavya tries to know about the custom made keys. Anika identifies the keys and thinks she could help Bhavya. Shivay acts weird on seeing Anika. He avoids to reciprocate love. Anika takes the keys and goes to storeroom to find where it fits. Tej wants Bhavya to help him. He tries to make her busy, but she goes back to her room. Rudra hides from her. Bhavya guards the room. She fails to stop Shwetlana. Shwetlana looks for the keys. Bhavya and Rudra help out each other. They fool Shwetlana. Shivay learns Anika has gone to the dark storeroom, and reaches her knowing she will be scared. Shivay helps her out. Anika catches him to make him confess love. She asks him to take back his thanks, and reply to her love. Shivay expresses love other ways. Anika checks the old furniture.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita gets upset with Raman, when he tells her that he has gone to meet Nikhil to keep him away from Ruhi. She tells him not to break away Nikhil and Ruhi. He is sure that Ruhi will forget Nikhil sooner. Shravan does drama being upset with Bala and Kiran’s relation. Shravan angrily asks Bala to get married, as everyone has forgotten Vandu. Ishita tries to talk to Shravan. Ishita arranges his room and calms his anger. She explains that Bala also needs a partner in his life. She tells him that people go away, but they leave memories. She asks him to think of Shitija and Bala. Shravan tells her that he doesn’t hate Kiran, but doesn’t want her to take Vandu’s place. She explains him that even Vandu would like them to be stay happy, Kiran will never take Vandu’s place, she will create her own place. Shravan agrees to allow Kiran and Bala’s marriage.


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