Krish to recall Avinash’s past in Ayushaman Bhava

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Krish’s parents don’t want to answer Krish, knowing he has some relation with Avinash’s family. Krish’s dad tells him that he is chosen by Lord to do something great. Krish’s mum decides to take Krish to any pandit or baba. She feels Avinash’s parents have done black magic on him. Krish wants to get his answers. His dad feels there is surely some reason and Avinash’s parents were not wrong. Avinash’s parents believe that Krish is Avinash’s reincarnation. They get enough evidence that Krish is their Avinash. They look forward to know what happened with Avinash and why they lost him. Krish recalls Avinash and Samaira’s conversation in the temple.

Avinash didn’t know Samaira is cheating him in love. Avinash confesses his love to her and sees a future with her. Krish learns about their love. Avinash’s mum feels motherly love for Krish. Krish gets blessings from his two mothers. Sudhir meets Avinash’s parents to know about Krish. He acts good to them and pays them money. Avinash’s mum doesn’t believe Sudhir. She doubts Sudhir is also behind Avinash’s death. Sudhir offers them help. Sudhir doesn’t want any risk. Samaira regrets to lose a true lover like Avinash.






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