Ruhi gets a new direction in life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Ruhi breaks down after a fearful rejection

Ishita gets upset with Raman, when he tells her that he has gone to meet Nikhil to keep him away from Ruhi. She tells him not to break away Nikhil and Ruhi. He is sure that Ruhi will forget Nikhil sooner. Shravan does drama being upset with Bala and Kiran’s relation. Shravan angrily asks Bala to get married, as everyone has forgotten Vandu. Ishita tries to talk to Shravan. Ishita arranges his room and calms his anger. She explains that Bala also needs a partner in his life. She tells him that people go away, but they leave memories. She asks him to think of Shitija and Bala. Shravan tells her that he doesn’t hate Kiran, but doesn’t want her to take Vandu’s place. She explains him that even Vandu would like them to be stay happy, Kiran will never take Vandu’s place, she will create her own place. Shravan agrees to allow Kiran and Bala’s marriage.

Raman tells Ruhi that a guy is coming to meet her, he wants to get her married. Ruhi agrees to meet the guy just for Raman’s sake. Ishita doesn’t like Raman’s decision. Ruhi doesn’t oppose Raman. She feels she has been wrong in making her life’s choices. She feels guilty and wants to obey Raman. Raman asks Ishita to leave everything on him. Raman tells Ruhi that he wants her to pursue further studies. Ishita gets relieved. He tells them that he was just joking about the alliance and marriage. Shagun tells Ishita that Raman will never do wrong with Ruhi’s life. Raman thanks Ruhi for believing him so much. Ishita gets angry on his stupid joke. Raman tells Ruhi that he has offered money to Nikhil to make him away and he has accepted the money happily. Ruhi gets heartbroken.


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