Suwarna takes a step to end Kartik’s bitterness in Yeh Rishta…

YRKKH: Twisted!! Suwarna to repeat Naira's mistake

Naira finds Kartik in the car trunk. She asks him to get conscious. The family reaches there and find Kartik safe. Naira asks them to check Kartik. Naira gets Kartik home safely. Everyone knew Naira won’t let anything happen to Kartik. Suwarna says I was sure Naira won’t lose her husband on Teej. Naksh tells everyone that Kartik is bit hurt, but he will be fine. Manish tells everyone that they didn’t see Kartik at the spot, even police didn’t find Kartik, but Naira has found him in some time. They all say Naira’s love for Kartik is true. Kartik gets conscious. He keeps the Teej fast for Naira.

Naksh and Yash help him. Suwarna asks Naira to end Kartik’s annoyance by revealing the matter to him. She is sure all problems will get away. She asks Naira not to tell anyone. Naira doesn’t want Suwarna to risk her marriage by bringing the truth out. She refuses to Suwarna. Suwarna tells her that Manish and Kartik’s fight will end when truth comes out. She is ready to bear any outcome. Manish thanks Naira for everything. Naksh gifts Kirti for Teej as per the ritual. Naira worries to talk to Kartik about Soumya. Naitik asks her to try to keep her perception in front of Kartik. He tells her that love is over all arguments, love always wins. He asks her to go ahead and do what’s right without losing courage. Naitik’s inspiring words gives a direction to Naira. He tells her how Akshara has always managed him. He asks her to manage Kartik in a mature way. Naira goes to call Kartik for the Teej puja. Kartik and Naira break their Teej fast.


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