Dipika to fulfill Piyush’s dreams in Dhhai Kilo Prem


Dipika learns Piyush’s dancing talent and his dream of becoming a dancer. Dipika and Piyush have an argument. Dipika wants Piyush to participate in dance competition. She tells him that its her dream. Piyush says I will not make myself a joke by dancing in front of the world. She enrolls him in the dance competition and wants his dancing talent to get noticed. She says this is your dream too, I want to fulfill it. He refuses to her.

Dipika does hunger strike and wants Piyush to listen to her. Piyush asks her to have food. She tells him that she didn’t eat anything since many hours. He asks her not to be annoyed. She emotionally blackmails him, but he doesn’t agree. Dipika calls Sarika and asks her to help her. She thanks Sarika for being her and Piyush’s good friend. She tells her about the dance competition. Sarika says you want Piyush to participate in it. Sarika agrees to help them. Dipika gets determined to convince Piyush.


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