High Five Spoilers

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Beyhadh: After many twists, Saanjh and Arjun finally get married. Maya’s info message arrives and breaks the happiness. Saanjh refuses to marry him. Saanjh opens the Ghatbandhan for Arjun’s safety. She says Arjun said Maya will die and we will get a new life, but now Maya’s death is cancelled, where is our new life now. She doesn’t want to marry him, as she wants Arjun to be alive and fine.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Bhanushali is celebrating Navratri. Everyone gets excited to play Dandiya. Everyone get dressed in Garba costumes. The family prays to Mata Rani. Parth and Shorvori do the aarti together. Teni stands away and attends the aarti. Teni does something that upsets Shorvori again. Shorvori gives aarti to everyone. Dadi asks them to get the sweets box. Teni stumbles and collides with the servant. The sweets fall down. Parth holds Teni. Guests taunt Shorvori for being so cool and not caring if Teni is with Parth. Teni answers the ladies’ taunts. Shorvori feels embarrassed and leaves.


Nandkishore makes a new plan to insult Sharda. Vishal’s mum scolds Nandkishore and tells him that she doesn’t want to accept Khyati. Nandkishore plays the game and tells Khyati that her happiness is most important to him. Khyati was much happy when Nandkishore accepted the alliance. She happily hugs Nandkishore and Dada ji. He calls up Sharda to talk about Vishal and Khyati’s alliance. He invited them home to come and talk for their alliance.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar is trapped in Bhairavi’s death game. Bhairavi ties up Simar and makes her lie on the funeral pyre. Simar gets conscious and gets to see the pyre. Bhairavi is playing a dangerous game with Simar and her inlaws. Bhairavi tells Simar that this time none can save her. Bhairavi says you are trapped in my plan today, don’t shout much. Simar asks where is my family. Bhairavi laughs on Simar. Simar asks Mata Rani to save her. Simar asks Bhairavi to leave her. Bhairavi pities her and leaves her, asking her to go and save her family members. Bhairavi has trapped everyone and lets Simar run to them and save everyone. Simar finds Prem tied up and close to current wires. She saves Prem. Simar and Prem then save the rest of the family members.


Avni gets a disguise to find clues. She gets an ugly look so that no one identifies her. She wants to get evidence of Ali’s death. Neil is not letting her go out of the house. Avni fools Neil and leaves from the house. She plans to go to Rangmahal and find out what Dayavanti and Gurumaa are planning against her family.


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