Jhanvi makes a shocking vow in Woh Apna Sa


Nisha fools Jhanvi that she has cancer. She says I have got this confirmed. She doesn’t tell anything to Aditya. Jhanvi tells them that cancer can also get treated, everything can get fine. She asks Nisha not to lose so soon and takes her home. Aditya looks forward to meet Jhanvi. He buys flowers for her. Jhanvi gets Nisha to the hospital. She waits for Nisha’s reports. She lies to Aditya that she is at her mum’s place. Aditya and Jhanvi express love for each other. Jhanvi hopes to clear her doubt and get real reports in hand.

Aditya tries to meet Jhanvi. Jhanvi assures Nisha that she will fulfill all her dreams. Nisha asks Jhanvi how can she force Aditya to love her forcibly. Nisha lies that she just have a month time to live her life. Jhanvi promises to get Aditya’s love for her. Jhanvi gets fooled. She asks Nisha to make memories with Aditya. Jhanvi asks Aditya to spend time with Nisha and treat her well. Aditya gets upset with her. Jhanvi wants to bring Aditya and Nisha together in Nisha’s last days and vows to fulfill Nisha’s wishes.



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