Prem to learn Tejaswini’s real motives in Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi


Tejaswini follows Dharam to get an evidence against him. Prem’s mum worries for his life. Prem knows her concerns and assures her that her blessings will always protect him. Prem asks his mum to bless him to start a new life. Tejaswini feels bad for cheating Prem. Prem’s love makes her feel more guilty. Prem supports her in everything. Tejaswini hides in Dharam’s car trunk. Prem finds out that Tejaswini has run away to meet her mum. He thinks Tejaswini has gone to her mum’s house. He worries for her.

Prem tries to reach Tejaswini to pacify her sorrows, and help her adjust the new changes in her life. Preeti is hurt that Tejaswini is cheating Prem, whom she loves. Preeti wanted to marry Prem and save him from Tejaswini’s cheat. Tejaswini meets her mum and tells her that she has broken Prem’s trust, she didn’t love him ever and she may not love him in future. Prem gets to hear this shattering truth. Tejaswini bursts out her frustration. Will Prem be able to win Tejaswini’s true love? Keep reading.



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