Saavri to strike Chauhan family in Swabhimaan

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Nandkishore makes a new plan to insult Sharda. Vishal’s mum scolds Nandkishore and tells him that she doesn’t want to accept Khyati. Nandkishore plays the game and tells Khyati that her happiness is most important to him. Khyati was much happy when Nandkishore accepted the alliance. She happily hugs Nandkishore and Dada ji. He calls up Sharda to talk about Vishal and Khyati’s alliance. He invited them home to come and talk for their alliance.

Nandkishore welcomes them home and then insults Sharda and Vishal. Meanwhile, Saavri plans to create a new drama in Chauhan family. Sharda wants Saavri to do a makeup course, but Saavri is planning something else. Sharda wants her talent to get a direction. Saavri thanks her for thinking so much for her. Saavri wins Sharda’s trust and thinks of reaching Chauhan house to ruin Meghna and Naina’s lives. Saavri will be heading back to Chauhan house.

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