Ishita gets taut by Ruhi’s depressed state in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Ruhi breaks down after a fearful rejection

Ruhi thinks of committing suicide. Ishita reaches her on time and asks her not to take any wrong step. She calls up Raman to get his help, but he doesn’t know anything happening at home. Ruhi realizes she can’t be selfish to cheat her parents by ending her life. She doesn’t take any extreme step. Ishita and Aaliya see Ruhi shattered. Ishita asks Ruhi to stay strong. Ruhi feels awful that Nikhil cheated her. Ishita and Aaliya decide to meet Nikhil and teach him a lesson. Ishita scolds Nikhil for hurting Ruhi’s heart. She wants Raman to deal with Nikhil.

Ishita doesn’t share the matter with Raman, seeing him leaving for Bala’s bachelor’s party. Bala and Raman expect Mani’s surprise to be splendid one. Mani arranges a Carnatic musical program, which shocks them. They get unwilling to hear the boring recital. Mani asks Bala to enjoy his special gift. Mani tells them that the singer’s voice is so good that will make them feel relaxed and peaceful. Raman doesn’t want to bear the the torture by Mani. Ishita knows Mani will not let things go out of hands. Raman hates Mani’s planning. Bala says maybe Mani’s singer will be something surprising. Mani calls the old lady, who sings and bores them to the limit. Mani pulls their leg. Ishita stays worried for Ruhi’s life. She fears Ruhi can try to attempt suicide again and stays alert. Ishita tells Raman that they have to get Ruhi out of depression. Raman asks her to divert Ruhi’s mind and try to keep her happy.


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