Krish takes a stand against injustice in Ayushaman Bhava

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Samaira misses Avinash and thinks she has done a big mistake to cheat him. Avinash was too innocent to doubt on anyone’s intentions. Krish gets troubled by a classmate and gets angry. He doesn’t want to bear any trouble and gets up to counter it. He goes to beat the other boy, who was throwing chalk pieces at him. The maths teacher teaches them and tests their intelligence. Krish complains to the teacher about the boy. Teacher asks Krish to tell him if he has any problem. Krish says I wanted to deal with these troubling boys myself. Teacher says you didn’t grow up to deal this yourself, solve this question and show me.

Krish takes the challenge and tells teacher that he will accept punishment if he fails to solve the questions, and if he passes, the two boys will get punishment. Teacher agrees to him. He writes tough questions to Krish which he solves easily. Teacher gets impressed by Krish and punishes the two boys. Meanwhile, Sudhir meets Samaira and confesses love to her. Samaira doesn’t react on hearing him. Sudhir tells her that he is mad about her since many years, he will never let their friendship break. He gifts her flowers. He asks Samaira to come on a dinner date with him if she has forgiven him. Samaira agrees.

Krish’s dad gets icecream for Krish. Krish tells his parents that he has taught a lesson to troubling classmates. Krish’s mum asks him to complain about such boys to teacher and not get involved in any fight. Krish tells them that he will not bear any injustice, as its also a sin. Samaira comes for dinner and thinks of Avinash. Sudhir proposes Samaira for marriage. Krish’s philosophy and maturity surprise his parents. Krish tells them that he wants to become like Lord Krishna and take a stand against injustice. Krish’s parents fear for his life.






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