Maya uses Kalki’s secret to blackmail Devanshi


Devanshi gets the address of Pavan and tries to reach him. Maya informs Kusum Sundari that Devanshi has left to get Pavan home, and they should reach Pavan before Devanshi to win everyone’s trust. Maya and villagers reach Pavan. Maya tells everyone that Kalki has given them the rght address of Pavan, and helped them find Pavan, whose life was in danger. Devanshi reaches there and finds Pavan. She sees Maya succeeding in her plan to prove Kalki is Maiyya’s avatar.

Kusum Sundari makes Kalki perform some magical tricks to make everyone believe her more. Kalki wins everyone’s attention and belief. Pavan gets back to help Devanshi, while Vardaan sides with Kusum Sundari and Maya. Vardaan has turned much revengeful against Devanshi. Pavan and Devanshi try to open the vllagers’s eyes and end the blind beliefs. Maya tells Devanshi that she will ruin Kalki’s life if she comes in her way. She reveals that Kalki is Mohan and Kusum Sundari’s daughter. She threatens to reveal this secret to the villagers.


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