Mohini learns her birth truth in Love Ka Hai Intezaar

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Mohini and Kamini visit the hospital to meet Inder Mehta. Mohini sees Madhav and hides Kamini from his sight. Even though Madhav sees Kamini and gets doubtful. He tries to meet her, but Mohini prevents him. Madhav fails to meet Inder, because of Vijaylaxmi’s orders to the hospital staff. Even Kamini is not permitted to meet Inder. She learns Vijaylaxmi is coming to meet Inder and the hospital way is cleared for her. She decides to leave to keep Mohini away, but happens to see Vijaylaxmi, which makes her recall the past.

Kamini gets sorrowful knowing Vijaylaxmi is ruining Inder Mehta’s business the same way like Rana has ruined her career years back to break her from Madhav. She doubts Madhav was also involved with Rana, and this time they are repeating the history with her daughter’s life. She fears Mohini will be losing Ayaan like she lost Madhav. Vijaylaxmi threatens Ayaan to choose his love or his dad’s life. She asks him to think of Inder’s state when CBI tackles him. Ayaan gets frustrated and thinks to talk to Madhavi about her. Kamini understands Vijaylaxmi has got Inder caught up in CBI raid. She tells Ragini that her daughter got the same fate, but she will not let anyone ruin her daughter’s life. Mohini gets to hear the entire truth and learns that she is Madhav’s daughter. What will Mohini do now? Keep reading.


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