Neil and Avni to rescue Juhi in Naamkarann


DD and Avni try to find Juhi. DD lies to Neil and feels guilty. Ali confronts Juhi for ruining Avni’s life. Juhi tells him that she had a lover with whom she wanted to spend her life. Ali scolds her for agreeing to Dayavanti’s saying. Dayavanti takes Juhi with her and asks Aman to help her meet Avni. Neil finds out Avni’s location and tries to meet Avni. Ali tells Gurumaa that Dayavanti has taken Meher with her, planning to free her. Gurumaa gets angry knowing about Dayavanti’s growing courage against her.

She sends her men to get Juhi back. Avni prays at the Dargah for Neil’s happiness. Juhi meets her. Dayavanti hides from DD. Juhi tells Avni about Ali. She gets a huge shock on seeing her past in front of her. She sees Neil and gets emotional. Neil gets Avni there and asks her what is she hiding. Avni doesn’t think and stops Juhi. Neil gets to see Juhi alive and can’t believe it. He runs to stop Juhi. Gurumaa’s men catch Juhi and take her back to Rangmahal. She fears of Gurumaa’s anger. Neil worries knowing Juhi is in big trouble. He decides to do something. Neil doesn’t listen to Avni and goes. Avni gets sorrowful that Neil didn’t even see her. Neil meets Avni at the police station and apologizes to her for leaving her alone. Avni helps Neil in solving the human trafficking case.



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