A new entry to break Advay-Chandni in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


Nani tells Advay that she wants to keep a post marriage function to celebrate Chandni’s presence in their house. While Maasi opposes this, Advay supports Nani. Nani gets firm on doing the function. Chandni gets happy when Advay agrees. Nani tells Chandni about the rasam. She asks them to do the rituals by heart and will. Chandni and Advay do the rasam. Advay completes the rituals as Nani guides him.

Nani gets happy and asks Advay about Chandni. Chandni has injured feet and tells Nani that she will complete the ritual for her Dev, whom she loves a lot. Advay saves Chandni from getting hurt. The ritual brings them closer. Advay impresses everyone by acting cool. Chandni gets happiness and expresses her feelings via a song. Advay plans a shocking surprise for her. While Chandni thinks Advay’s heart is melting for her, he clears her misunderstanding. Nani asks Chandni to do the last ritual. Advay invites his girlfriend Sasha, who becomes a challenger for Chandni. Chandni and Sasha’s cat fights will be seen now. Advay makes it clear that Chandni will never have any place in his life.


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