Omkara gets embarrassed by Gauri’s presence in Ishqbaaz


Rudra seeks Shivay’s help to know a way to earn money and win the challenge given by Bhavya. Gauri reaches the art exhibition. She doesn’t get a good welcome by Omkara. She feels alienated there. Shivay helps Rudra and asks him to sell his stuff to get money. Rudra decides to auction his things and manages to get money to win the challenge. Gauri tries reaching Omkara. She wants to hear from Omkara that she is his inspiration, but he doesn’t name her. The media takes Gauri’s interview. She couldn’t understand the questions in English and creates an embarrassing moment for Omkara. Omkara gets angry on her for making fun of herself and him. Omkara’s behavior upsets Gauri. Rudra completes the challenge and gives the money to Bhavya. She asks him to value money and learn working hard.

Rudra and Bhavya spend some time together and share good moments. Gauri’s heart breaks. She comes home and tells Shivay what happened at the exhibition. Shivay understands her situation and consoles her. He doesn’t feel Gauri was not at fault. He asks her not to feel inferior to anyone. He finds her perfect for Omkara. He promises her that he will rectify his mistake and talk to Omkara. Dadi asks Shivay to write love letter to Anika, which will make best memories for her. Shivay thinks of writing his feelings and letting Anika know his love. Bhavya reveals to Rudra that she is much older than him. Rudra falls in dilemma over Bhavya’s revelation. Bhavya doesn’t want to take their relation ahead.


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