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    Naamkarann: Avni helps Neil in getting Juhi back. Neil finds her really good to help him after knowing what Juhi means to him. He knows Avni maybe thinking that Avni can lose her place when Juhi wants. He tells DD that Avni is his present, and even Juhi can’t take her place now. He wants to spend his life with Avni. Avni tells them how she met Juhi. Neil tells them that he was fooled by Juhi’s death, which was just a put up. They get a hope that Ali is alive. Neil asks DD to stay alert and get the true reports of post mortem.


    Shivay tries to write a letter for Anika. He arranges a perfect paper for penning his love. Omkara gets annoyed when he hears negative about Gauri. People find Gauri unsuitable for Omkara. Omkara didn’t wish to call her so that she stays happy at home. He knows she has got much hurt. Khanna helps Shivay and gets a paper for his letter. Pinky knows Shwetlana is acting. She asks Shwetlana to join hands with her. Shivay finally makes an attempt to express his feelings. Dadi pulls Shivay’s leg for writing a love letter. Shivay finds it hard to pen his feelings. He gets an idea of recording a video for Anika. He expresses his love for Anika.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Mihika and everyone see Ruhi keeping herself busy in office work. They all plan the functions. Ishita asks Ruhi to organize everything. Ruhi agrees. She takes the work in her hand. Everyone likes the arrangements. The family rejoices celebrating Kiran’s mehendi ceremony. Ishita tries to keep Ruhi happy. Bala asks Ishita to go and meet the interior designer, so that they can design the house as Kiran wants. Kiran is happy to have Shitija and Shravan’s happiness in the marriage functions. Mihika calls a guest, who happens to be Nikhil’s girlfriend. Ruhi reacts angrily on seeing her. She gets more affected.

    IPKKND 3:

    Chandni feels insulted when Advay invites Sasha home. Advay and Sasha show Chandni her place. Nani gets disappointed with Advay. Sasha asks Chandni to leave her attitude. She tells Chandni that she has more right on Advay. Maasi supports Sasha and makes Advay do all the rituals with Sasha. Maasi and Nani get against. Advay tells Nani that Chandni will never have any place in his life. Sasha surprises Advay. Adi teaches a lesson to Sasha.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik gets keen to know the reason for Soumya’s suicide. He asks Manish why did she take the medicines, was she really mentally sick. Manish refuses to tell them anything. Kirti too wishes to know the truth. Manish doesn’t want his children to emotionally break down. Kartik gets hyper when Manish and the family members refuse to tell anything. Manish feels stuck in the situation. He sees troubles around. Dadi suggests him to tell truth to Kartik, as he has grown up and can handle the bitter truth.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami is declared as Baldev’s rightful daughter. Dadi and Satrupa welcome her home. Dada ji finds it hard to accept this truth. Satrupa makes it clear that she didn’t do anything wrong to get Anami back, who is the legal heir of royal steels. Dada ji doesn’t see his heir in Anami. Satrupa asks him to accept the truth. Anami’s dreams of going back home shatter. She gets caged in Lal mahal. She breaks down thinking of her promise to her parents in Banaras. Anami finds hard to adjust in Lal Mahal. She makes a plan to run away from Lal Mahal. She calls up Murari and tells him her plan to escape. Murari is ready to do anything for his daughter.


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