Suspicion to drive Aditya and Jhanvi apart in Woh Apna Sa


Jhanvi doesn’t tell Aditya about Nisha’s cancer. She makes him upset by trying to bring Nisha closer to Aditya. Samar helps Aditya’s daughter. Nisha asks Samar to go with Jhanvi to the hospital. Nisha keeps Aditya away. Jhanvi and Samar take Binny to the doctor and get her checkup done. Samar gets happy to be with them. He asks Jhanvi to let him get some happiness by doing something for Binny.

Aditya meets Jhanvi and confronts her for misusing his trust. He asks her to speak just the truth. He worries for Jhanvi handling some big problem again. He tries to find out why is Jhanvi lying to him. He doubts on Jhanvi and Samar’s bond. He asks her to share the problem with him, so that they can solve the problem together. Jhanvi asks him to trust her. He tells her that Nisha has broke his trust, so they don’t have any relation. He makes it clear how much trust means to him in a relation. He tells her that he loves her because she has won his trust, but now he feels she doesn’t value him, his trust, love their relation. He asks Jhanvi never to shake his trust on her. He feels upset by Jhanvi’s silence. Will Samar know Aditya and Jhanvi’s relation? Keep reading.



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