High Five Spoilers

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Chakor gets surrounded by the goons. Bhaiya ji’s goon catch her to kill her so that she thinks Suraj is behind this attack. She was running away from Suraj. She thinks Suraj has cheated her and sent the goons after her. Imli has sent the goons to kill Chakor. The goons are about to stab her. Ranvijay comes there and saves Chakor. He beats the goons. They all run away. He asks her who were the goons after her. Chakor faints down. Ranvijay takes her along in the police jeep. Suraj and Imli come there to find Chakor, but it get too late. Suraj doesn’t know why Chakor has run away seeing him. Imli will keep blocking his way by her lies.

Naamkarann: Neil and Avni are trying to gather evidence against Gurumaa. Avni is ready to risk her life to save the girls from human trafficking, but Nel doesn’t want to put her life in danger. The human trafficking case reaches high point. Since Neil got to know Rangmahal truth, he has lost his peace. He just wants to reach there and save Juhi. He wants to arrest Gurumaa. He calls commissioner to ask for search warrant to check Rangmahal, he has a doubt on Gurumaa. Commissioner apologizes and says we can’t take any big action if we have no solid proof against them. Neil gets worried. Avni asks Neil to take rest, no need to worry much.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Piyush arranges a special dinner date for Dipika. The couple celebrate their love. They dance on a romantic number. Piyush is happy with his life by following his dreams. He thanks Dipika for making him realize his dreams and attempt to fulfill. He gives her a rose and cheers her.

Nandkishore gets angry on Meghna’s doings. He tells Dada ji that Meghna has made Khyati run away, he has got humiliated because of Meghna. He didn’t knew Khyati is not at home and called groom’s family home for engagement. When Dada ji tells the groom’s family that engagement won’t happen, the family insults Nandkishore. Dada ji says if you accepted Khyati’s choice, you would have not seen this day, anger is not a solution. Nandkishore says Khyati is immature, she doesn’t know anything, Meghna is provoking her, you will not understand this as you are not a daughter’s father. He doesn’t want to forgive Meghna for this day.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni learns that Shorvori has brain tumor and she has a life span of a month now. She wants to know everything about Shorvori’s illness. Shorvori tells her that she is going to die, she can’t tell this to Parth. Teni says you can’t hide this from Parth, you have to tell this truth to him. Teni cries knowing about Shorvori’s illness. Shorvori tells Teni that she is suffering from the last stage of tumor. Shorvori had tried to hide the matter from Teni, but she has to tell everything to Teni unwillingly.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kirti and Naira decide to play Chor police theme in the hens party. Everyone shows their hip hop colors before the Chor police act. They all dance and show their cool sides.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Bhairavi apologize to Sameer. He doesn’t forgive her. Simar and Mata ji stop Bhairavi and ask Sameer to give a chance to her. Sameer forgives Bhairavi. She gets much happy to get her son back and thanks Simar for help.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Kanak does all arrangements of a puja and thinks to impress Uma. Maasi says its our mistake to give this responsibility to Kanak, she has placed the things in wrong direction. Kanak shows Suman’s hall ticket for 10th exams. Uma and Maasi get angry and burn the hall ticket. They don’t allow girls to study after 8th standard. Kanak protests against Uma’s decision. She says Suman should get a chance to study further if she wants, Uma should not be biased between girls and boys. Uma gets angry on Suman’s lie to him. Kanak favors Suman and argues with Uma. Suman sheds tears, after facing Uma’s anger.


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