Teni learns Shorvori’s shocking illness in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni learns that Shorvori has brain tumor and she has a life span of a month now. She wants to know everything about Shorvori’s illness. Shorvori tells her that she is going to die, she can’t tell this to Parth. Teni says you can’t hide this from Parth, you have to tell this truth to him. Teni cries knowing about Shorvori’s illness. Shorvori tells Teni that she is suffering from the last stage of tumor. Shorvori had tried to hide the matter from Teni, but she has to tell everything to Teni unwillingly.

Teni hugs her and cries. She can’t believe Shorvori is going away. Shorvori tells her that she just has a month time, everything will slip out of her hands now, she didn’t had courage to tell Parth about her. She tells Teni that she was blaming Parth and Teni with such bad things intentionally, so that Parth doesn’t love her. She apologizes to Teni. Teni says Parth has right to know this, he is your husband, we can’t cheat him, you will stay with him till you have life. Shorvori asks Teni not to understand, Parth can’t tolerate this truth.


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