Chandni interrupts Sasha’s plans in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Advay makes Chandni jealous. He asks Sasha to wait for some time for marriage. He thinks of breaking Chandni’s heart and romances with Sasha. Chandni gets angry seeing Sasha’s cheap act. She thinks of failing Sasha’s plans. Nani gives suggestions to help Chandni. Sasha and Advay spend some time together. Chandni ruins their moment. Advay sees Chandni present around. He gets too angry on Chandni. He asks her not to get between him and Sasha. Nani asks Sasha to stay in her room. She doesn’t leave Sasha with Advay. Chandni doesn’t get affected by Advay’s rudeness. She finds a moment to create romance.

Adi gets stubborn to meet his dad. Pooja lies to him that his dad is soon going to come to meet him. Pooja feels sorry to lie to Adi about his dad. Nani consoles an upset Pooja. Chandni sticks around Advay, irritating him more. Advay tries avoiding her. He gets Sasha’s company. He angers Chandni again. He tells Chandni that he doesn’t believe in any marriage vows. Chandni tells him that he knows he can’t break any limits and will be sincere towards their marriage. Advay lies to her about his and Sasha’s romance. He doesn’t care for his marriage, and wants Chandni to understand this. Chandni is sure that Advay can’t cheat her.


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