High Five Spoilers

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Suraj is trying hard to find Chakor. She gets saved from the goons. Ranvijay has saved her life. Suraj gets close to Chakor and doesn’t see her. He then spots her in the police van. Suraj follows the van. Imli intentionally hits their car and mocks an accident to stop Suraj. Suraj doesn’t let Chakor go and runs after the police jeep to meet Chakor. Imli worries on failing to stop Chakor.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kirti gets a special wedding gift. The people get shocked seeing a guy inside the box. They ask if the guy is Kirti’s friend. Naira tells them that the guy is not Kirti’s friend, he is an entertainer. The guy performs in the party and surprises them. The ladies dance with him. Kirti’s friend has sent the guy to make their hen’s party more happening. The guys and girls get a new look according to their themes. The guys decide to play loud music and enjoy. The guys gang also enjoy the dance by female entertainers. They reach the wrong place and get surprised seeing the dancers. All the guys think whose idea was this to call the female dancers.


Preeto wants Soumya to become kinner’s Gurumaa, so that she gets away from Harman’s life. Preeto is troubling Soumya a lot. She is doing a lot to make her life hell. Preeto does Soumya’s Nani’s accident. Surbhi does the aid to Nani. Maninder asks Surbhi about the accident. Surbhi says I have no idea about the person behind this. Preeto informs Soumya about her Nani’s accident and tells her to leave from her house. She asks Soumya to become Gurumaa of kinners group and go back to her community.

Saanjh asks Maya not to do anything to Arjun, as she also loves him. Maya threatens Saanjh about Arjun’s life. She says you took my love Arjun and just left hatred in my fate, I have to settle scores, I will do that. Saanjh faints on hearing the threatening. Arjun can’t see Saanjh depressed and living in fear. Arjun meets Maya to shoot her and end the problems.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Kanak reads a book on women power. Maasi and Uma come there. Maasi gives a lecture to Kanak about women duties toward their household. She tells Kanak that books and all don’t suit bahus. Uma tears the book and tells Kanak to simply follow Maasi to know what duties women have to fulfill. He says such book is against Dharm, it is like poison to corrupt women’s mind. He just does what’s right according to Dharm. Kanak asks him does he not pray to Saraswati Maa. She tries to save the book and collides with diya. Her saree catches fire. Uma saves her from the fire.

Meghna and Naina end their differences. Meghna has forgiven Naina, when Naina sweetly apologizes to her. Naina asks Meghna to keep the eyes, she has kept it safe as a responsibility in Meghna’s absence. Vishal and Khyati get married and take blessings of elders.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Shorvori’s heart breaks. She sits crying. She packs her bag and wants to get away from Parth. She can’t tolerate the fact that she will be leaving from the people whom she loves so much. Parth’s talk makes her emotional. She recalls the promise she made to Parth, that she will always be with him. She doesn’t have any time in her hand. She cries that she can’t take her baby in her arms. She avoids Parth. Parth looks for her when he senses Shorvori. She hides from him. She sees Parth leaving and tries to hurt him, so that he gets away from her.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:
A guy misbehaves with Poonam. Anami becomes Poonam’s voice and helps her out. Anami can’t stand injustice and shows she doesn’t care for anyone right or poor, and just supports the true person. Guru ji and Dadi support Satrupa and want to announce Anami as the next heir. Dada ji doesn’t accept this. He challenges their decision. Anami will be seen celebrating Navratri in Lal Mahal. Anami does Durga puja and dances in the celebrations.


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