Khyati and Vishal get married in Swabhimaan

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Meghna gets Vishal and Khyati married. Naina helps Meghna in this big tough task. The sisters unite despite many pressures from inlaws and relatives. They succeed to make Khyati elope from the house. Khyati and Vishal marry in the temple, and get blessings from Dada ji, Nirmala, Kunal-Meghna and Karan-Naina. Khyati wanted Nandkishore to bless her too. Khyati gets emotional after marrying Vishal. Nandkishore will not accept Khyati’s marriage easily. The tension will increase for the sisters, who have united the lovers.

Kunal and Karan can do anything for Khyati’s happiness. They like Vishal for Khyati, and want them to happy. They aren’t scared of Nandkishore, and are ready to bear the consequences. Naina and Karan’s differences also get sorted out. Both the couples are happy. Naina has patched up with Meghna and Karan. Nandkishore’s drama in Chauhan house will be seen. How will Nandkishore fill bitterness in this new relation? Keep reading.






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