Preeto to blackmail Soumya in Shakti


Preeto wants Soumya to become kinner’s Gurumaa, so that she gets away from Harman’s life. Preeto is troubling Soumya a lot. She is doing a lot to make her life hell. Preeto does Soumya’s Nani’s accident. Surbhi does the aid to Nani. Maninder asks Surbhi about the accident. Surbhi says I have no idea about the person behind this. Preeto informs Soumya about her Nani’s accident and tells her to leave from her house. She asks Soumya to become Gurumaa of kinners group and go back to her community.

She asks if she looks a fool to try something like killing Soumya, she wants the problem to end the problem from roots. She says you are just a kinner and your death won’t affect anyone. She insults Soumya and asks her to leave. She blackmails Soumya about her family. She asks her to continue the drama and hurt Harman. She wants Harman to hate Soumya. She asks Soumya to create more bitterness in Harman’s heart. She has made Soumya’s family a target to make her away. Soumya feels helpless and apologizes to Preeto. Preeto says just Soumya can save her family by her decision. What will Soumya decide? Keep reading.


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