Twists in Naksh and Kirti’s pre-wedding parties in Yeh Rishta…


Kirti gets a special wedding gift. The people get shocked seeing a guy inside the box. They ask if the guy is Kirti’s friend. Naira tells them that the guy is not Kirti’s friend, he is an entertainer. The guy performs in the party and surprises them. The ladies dance with him. Kirti’s friend has sent the guy to make their hen’s party more happening. The guys and girls get a new look according to their themes. The guys decide to play loud music and enjoy. The guys gang also enjoy the dance by female entertainers. They reach the wrong place and get surprised seeing the dancers. All the guys think whose idea was this to call the female dancers.

Manish has told them about the place, where they used to go in their college times. The place has changed a lot in all these years, and the decent lounge has become a bar now. Manish and everyone get embarrassed by seeing the girls. The girls take money from them. The guys also share a leg and enjoy. They leave from the bar and race on their bikes, only to get caught by police. Even Naira and women dance on the stage in hip hop style. During the dance, Naira gets the antique gun and shoots in air to show tashan. She doesn’t know the gun is real. The police reaches there and misunderstands the girls after hearing the bullet sound. The girls also get arrested.



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